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Doria from shang hai on 2014-08-03
UK and Aus student
Sonnet from Dhaka on 2014-06-01
Amazing website,very helpful
Wow I really enjoyed this website
susan from phoenix on 2013-03-25
wow I really enjoyed this website
John Lyu from Xiamen on 2012-11-17
amazing website,very helpful
Xiaoping from norwich on 2012-08-05
could you turn up the voice?
naomi from Shanghai on 2012-07-29
Very helpful!!!!!! Great job!
Paula from Chester, Cheshire on 2012-06-27
There are some things that I wouldn't expect to hear. "I'm from Halifax, England" would be far more likely to be "I'm from Halifax, West Yorkshire" or simply - "I'm from Halifax". We tend to call movies films and I have never heard a British person refer to a cinema as a movie theatre (theater). P.S. Hugh - they had to pick an accent from somewhere - why not Yorkshire? Suresh - Neither a Brit nor an American would ever say "please to help me" "I wanna..." may translate as "May I...?" or "I would like...". "Please help me" (without the "to") literally means I need help!
Jiaaa from Zhengzhou on 2012-05-20
just wondering that it could be better if there are some notes to cultural aspects
suresh mukuntha from chennai on 2012-05-18
i wanna learn english..pls help to me
DD from zhan jiang on 2012-05-13
sometimes,the voice can't hear,when I click
Hugh from Sitrling on 2012-04-05
I don't think the British accent is very typical.
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